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05+ Years Experience
About Surbhi Sood
  • MBE (Masters in Business Economics)
  • B.Ed, Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Who can understand children’s aspirations better? The answer is “a teacher or a career counsellor”. Have you ever imagined if a teacher becomes a career counsellor? This scenario will change the life of the students. A Teacher, trained in career counselling, is a great combination for helping students throughout their career journeys. And Surbhi is the best example of that!
Surbhi provides professional guidance and counselling services to students who are not sure about their career paths. She loves helping students and getting them towards the right career direction.
Hailing from Delhi and presently based in Siliguri, Surbhi is an enthusiastic teacher and a trained career counsellor. She did her Masters in Business Economics and completed a Bachelor of Education. When her interest & passion increased in counselling, she did Diploma in Guidance and Counselling too.
As a high school and middle school maths teacher, she has interacted closely with students both in and outside the class environment. This is her great advantage in assessing the flair and interests of students correctly. Also, through numerous counselling sessions undertaken in schools, she has often helped students chalk out their goals and bridge the gap between parental expectations and a child's potential.
She has been teaching students for more than 10 years. Her aim is not just to help students choose the right stream but also to guide them on a suitable career path and help them choose the best college for pursuing their dreams. With a plethora of career options available, she is passionate about helping the future generation to keep themselves updated on the latest industry trends and upgrade their skill sets.