05+ Years Experience
About Surbhi Sood
  • MBE (Masters in Business Economics)
  • B.Ed, Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Who can understand children’s aspirations better? The answer is “a teacher or a career counsellor”. Have you ever imagined if a teacher becomes a career counsellor? This scenario will change the life of the students. A Teacher, trained in career counselling, is a great combination for helping students throughout their career journeys. And Surbhi is the best example of that!
Surbhi provides professional guidance and counselling services to students who are not sure about their career paths. She loves helping students and getting them towards the right career direction.
Need For Counselling
Counselling is very important in today's competitive world. Success largely depends on an individual's passion and career counselling has a huge role to play in identifying it. Each person possesses a unique character. A counsellor helps to unravel it through well-designed tests and other logical methods. The process of career counselling helps in acquiring focus and deciding a career strategy to achieve one's dreams/goals.
According to Surbhi Sood, “Counselling is an integrated part of the teaching-learning process and as a teacher, I have often counselled my students in academic and non- academic settings.

About Arzen Careers

Whenever children think of a suitable career path, most of them decide it under peer pressure, under the influence of their parents or family members. Because every child is different and has different interests, likes, dislikes, and abilities. Hence, one career is not suitable for everyone. To help such students, we have come up with our organization, “Arzen Careers”.
Arzen Careers helps students find what they actually want to pursue as a career. Our aim is to achieve excellence in the field of career counselling and empower students to make the best possible career choices with regard to their skill sets, goals, and personality.